Best Moments From Tiktok Grow Parties!

This is where it all began, six shots of pickle juice through a straw, as requested by Danny!! LOL

Egg shot and hot sauce for getting 100 viewers in our live!!

@cj_canadian being a champ and calling out the men with her egg shot!!

My man @dannywafs showing me up after requesting I do it through a  STRAW!!


doing all the three shots!!

Sour cream, jalapeno juice, lime juice and ketchup shot, YUCK!!!

@badasspapa1 showing me up with a badass jug of pickle juice!

Lemon and pickle juice shot, NOT recommended OMG! throwing out his nasty egg shot!

@just_keep_swimming being a trooper and hitting that beet juice and mustard shot, NOPE!!!


This is added to the NEVER again category! NOPE!