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The Christastrophies Foundation


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The Christastrophies Administration 

President - Chris


Assistant - @kellym0714

 Vice President -  Danny


H.O.L - Head Of Love - Kristy


Social Media Coordinator
kathy_wink_queen - Instagram + Facebook
@dannywafs - YouTube

Head Of HR - Betsy


Brand Maintenance Manager - Corie


Administration Consultant - Josie

#ChrisMFAPP created Aug. 18th 2020 now over 42 MILLION views!

Christastrophies Family Roots

"It is the roots that gives a tree strength, not its branches"

"You can't build a great building on a weak foundation"


Here you will find The Christastrophies Family Roots, family members who have stuck with this movement through thick and thin, through the good times and bad, hardcore members who never gave up when times got rough, we appreciate you and having your name listed in this section is earned through the loyalty you have shown.  

From myself, the founder of this movement and also from my mother who has moved on to a better place, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and want you to know, you are appreciated and are also helping us make a difference through these tough times.

                                                           PROUD CHRISTASTROPHIES


Our Love Raids!!


Tiktoks Best Moments!

Best moments on Tiktok from the Christastrophies Family, this could include duets, special videos or anyone that wants to stand out from the crowd! Whether it's funny, serious, goofy, sexy, or anything at all, it's always all in good fun! Here is your quick link to this page!

Love Raids!

The Christastrophies Love Raids may be one of our favorite things to do!  At the end of our "Lives" and with the support of all who take part, we love raid an unexpected member who does not have a big following or much support. Most times they get overwhelmed with joy and sometimes shed tears, a beautiful moment that you don't want to miss and definitely want to be a part of! See some results here!

Christastophies Grow Lives


Here are you will find The Christastrophies grow live hosts and schedules - also where YOU can apply to be the next host for us! Apply now!


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The Christastrophies Family Was Created On Sep. 4th 2020